Case Study: Campbell River Auto Dealer

Campbell-River-Auto-DealerVolunteering is such a crucial part of community development as it brings together people from all backgrounds and puts them on a level playing field where the goal is to contribute something greater than themselves.

Campbell River auto dealership recently led the charge in helping to educate and foster the development of youth at risk by sponsoring a local non-profit cars for sale event.

The purpose of the event was to educate the youth in basic financial matters through the use of the automotive industry and the inner workings of a car dealer.

It is only through education and experience that we can help to raise the social standings and present our young people with the possibilities that exist to hard work, determination, sacrifice, and ambition.

Campbell River, British Columbia, is a small town located on North Vancouver Island. It’s a tight community it’s responsible for producing a global workforce in the fishing and Forestry industries. What many fail to realize however is that Campbell River is also home to a number of work opportunities for not only young and new families but more established generations.

The automotive industry as example of this and there are a number of positions available including managers, sales teams, finance and marketing departments, technicians and engineers, as well as more entry-level position such as car washers and car detailing, as well as social media management making regular posts to a Facebook or Google page.

The Matter how you look at it fostering and developing youth work habits and ethnic benefits everyone in the community and have a lasting impact around the world.

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